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I live in Charlton, England. Many people will not have heard of Charlton, unless they follow Association Football ("soccer" to some). It is about seven miles (eleven Km) to the east of the centre of London, just south of the River Thames. The Thames Barrier is situated in Charlton, and is probably its only tourist attraction. Charlton is, however, part of the London Borough of Greenwich, and most people will have heard of that, if only because of Greenwich Mean Time and the Greenwich Meridian. Greenwich was the site for the Millennium Dome, which has recently been reopened as the O2, an exhibition and concert arena.

I work as a civil servant, at the Office for Standards in Education, more commonly known as Ofsted. Our remit is to 'improve standards of achievement and quality of education through regular independent inspection, public reporting and informed independent advice'. We manage the regular inspection of all 24,000 schools in England which are wholly or mainly state-funded.

Recently the responsibilities of Ofsted have been extended to include the inspection of other areas than just schools, such as colleges of further education and many apects of childcare.


reading, mostly science fiction books, and messing about with my computer, particularly creating and publishing Web pages.